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Pam Bowman's Math Class
7th Grade Math Requirements and Expectations


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7th Grade Math Requirements and Expectations

Dear Parents and Students,


            Welcome to the most exciting year of public education:  7th grade.  This will be an action-packed year of learning activities for your child.  It will be challenging and rewarding. 


            The plan for this course is based on the requirements of the State of Alabama Course of Study, Jefferson County Board of Education Course of Study, the Alabama High School Graduation Exam and includes current SAT skills.  Every student will be taught every skill.  Suggestions for modifications and accommodations are welcomed.  This does not eliminate the students responsibility to strive (attempt) to master skills.  Any student failing at mid-term is encouraged to talk to the teacher to discuss ways to achieve success (In most cases, students who pay attention, try in class and complete daily assignments perform well/pass.).  Parents, you are encouraged to check the agenda daily for notes and assignments. 


Basic Essential Skills - In order to master requirements for grade seven, students should be able to:

1.  Compute whole numbers, decimals, and fractions without using a calculator.

2.  Follow simple instructions such as:  Sit down or Be quiet.


Classwork/Homework - A detailed calendar will be given out at the beginning of each nine weeks.  Assignments are also copied from the board weekly in the students agenda.  If a student is absent he/she may check the calendar posted in the room on the day that he/she comes back to school for any assignments that were missed.



Chapter tests consist of two types:  Vocabulary tests (usually 20 points)

                                                     Application tests (usually 100 points)Quizzes:                                        Quizzes are usually announced and not

                                                     pop quizzes. (range from 20-50 points) 

Homework/classwork:                    Homework is usually checked daily

                                                     (usually 5-10 points each)

Be advised, however, that some homework checks may be in the form of quizzes, i.e. graded for accuracy.  (Homework will be checked for correct answers on a regular basis.  Students will keep their homework/classwork in their binder until it is checked for a grade.) 

Nine week tests will count about 10% of grade.  This is a general range of scoring and is subject to change.


We will go over all quizzes and tests.  Students, you are welcome to correct your answers with your red ink pens.  Students will record their test scores, homework scores, etc. in their binder.  Grades will be written in the students binder under the section labeled grades/returned work so you may check your childs grade at any time.  Each student is responsible for all written correspondence between teacher and parent.                              


Materials Needed: 

three-ring binder/loose leaf paper/three dividers   red ink pens                 

two sharpened pencils                                        pencil sharpener           

agenda                                                              graph paper                  

compass and protractor  (for homework)             2 pocket folders            

text book                                                           calculator (scientific)    

$10 math lab                                                      ruler (showing cm. & inches)

**Other supplies will be announced or listed on board as needed.



1) Vocabulary   2) Classwork/Homework   3) Grades/Returned Work. 


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