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Pam Bowman's Math Class Rudd Middle School

Math Classroom Rules

Pre-Algebra 8
Pre-AP Algebra
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Welcome to Math Class
Math Requirements and Expectations
Math Classroom Rules

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Classroom Rules


1.  Enter quietly and begin assignment written on board.

 Tardiness will not be tolerated.  A note from a teacher or administrator is acceptable only if a situation is beyond your control.  An early check out from a class is considered a tardy.  Three tardies is considered one absence.


2.  Remain seated unless permission has been obtained from the teacher.

Bathroom passes will only be given in cases of emergency, and at the END of the lecture period.  (Do not abuse the right to be believed.)


3.  Bring required materials everyday.

Please use a PENCIL on all test, quizzes, and items designated to be turned in.

YOU are responsible for all missed work.  Check the calendar on the wall for makeup assignments.  COME TO CLASS PREPARED!!!  Have pencils, book, homework, and necessary instruments for each day’s activities.  Bring an open mind and a positive attitude!!!


4.  Talk only with permission from the teacher.

Be respectful of each other, the property of others, and of me.  Remember that we are all in this boat together.


5.  Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Things on the walls and on my desk are NOT to be handled.


6.  Remain in seat until dismissed.

Unless given permission, do not leave your seat.  Have all pencils sharpened and things thrown away PRIOR to the tardy bell.  You will be dismissed by me not the bell.  Should I still be in the process of lecturing, I will dismiss you as quickly as possible, once a stopping point can be reached.  (Generally, I will stop you a few minutes before the bell rings; do NOT pack up before this time.)


7.  Obey all school rules.

All rules and policies stated in the Jefferson County School District Code of Student Conduct Manual will be strictly followed and enforced.



Our class is designed to keep you and your math binder as organized as possible!  Ask me anything...I am here for YOU.  Just remember, though, that I am a teacher and not a mind reader... keep me informed of your difficulties and your worries.  Tutoring is available with other students in individually arranged study sessions.  See me if you are interested in signing up for extra help.  Here is to the beginning of a GREAT year!

                                                                                                Pam Bowman


If there are any questions, please free to call me, 379-5300.  I will return your call/or answer in writing as soon as possible.






I have read and understand the requirements for math.