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Pam Bowman's Math Class Rudd Middle School

Pre-Algebra 8
Pre-AP Algebra
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Connected Mathematics Grades 6-8
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Teacher name: Mrs. Bowman
Class/Group name: 8th grade

Class access code: E3FD747EA0C153C0ADFF
When you enroll or register, type the access code exactly as shown above.
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These are our OLD Textbooks but still great material!!!!!!
Parents will need to register online using the information below in order to view the Math 6 and Math 7 texts and tutorials.  No registration is necessary to view the 8th grade Prealgebra text.
Math 6  Prentice Hall Mathematics Course 1
               Access Code:  2XTL6-Q3HV2-A3X13  
               School zip:  35126
Math 7 Prentice Hall Mathematics Course 2
               Access Code:  38T2U-RHPYE-DT5G6
               School zip:  35126
Math 8   McDougal-Little Pre-Algebra
                no access code necessary
                - select middle school math
                - select PreAlgebra Textbook

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